Our Vision and Mission

Our vision was created in 2007 and our mission is simple; To create a non-profit charter alternative to the only airlines flying directly to the Azores from North America, in order to provide healthy competition in a market that often serves Azorean expatriates with higher than affordable prices and an inconsistent quality of service.

There are about 1 million Azorean nationals and descendants living in the United States and Canada. This market is currently poorly served in terms of options, prices and quality of service. It is our belief that with a customer focused, high price/quality, value oriented plan we can make the market more competitive.


Azores Airlines is a name that came up in 2006 as a group of Azoreans sat around a table to discuss an Azores Airlines Charter Company. We plan to wait on the unfavorable market conditions created by the financial crisis of 2008 to subside and re-activate our drive to build the charter airlines; Azores Airlines.

Our Goal

To provide charter airline alternative focused on Low Cost, High-Service and Great-Value, offering travel services from North America to the Azores Islands.

Join us

We’re looking for serious potential partners to achieve our goal of creating a charter company to provide service to the Azores Islands. If interested please email us for more information info@azoresairlines.com.